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Flower weekend Sunday
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"True happiness comes from the joy of doing well, from the taste of creating new things."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Flower Weekend Sunday
Hello everybody!
A pink rose I saw last week in a garden nearby for pink sunday. The colour was so bright.
Sandra Lopes $12.12
"Blessed are the old Souls for whom the earth has longed - April Peerless
And for Pink Sunday & Flower Weekend Sunday I introduce you to Pale Pink Miniature Rose. These were bred to stay small compared to the traditional rose. Beautiful small rose bush perfect for terraces and balconies.
Little New Things $7.72
Learning the new things in life
"My turn to shine!" says the pink Japanese rose blossom. What a beautiful afternoon for the blossom to enjoy looking out, with bright blue sky on a noisy construction afternoon; but it doesn't seemed to bother the blossom, concentrating where... (More)